Vice President

hey guys! my name is teddy and i’m running to be your class of 2019 junior vice prez! i am extremely psyched to have the opportunity to do this, especially because i believe i can make some essential changes. my campaign is all about bringing student opinions to the table. after all, one of my biggest jobs is repping you guys at school site council meetings! i know you guys have so many valuable ideas, and i wanna be the person to enact them. one thing that i have noticed is how few trash cans we have in the restroom stalls for disposing feminine products. this affects girls daily, but without student input, it goes unnoticed. i know many of you have similar observations, and i’d love to hear them. 
i want to keep my campaign as interactive as possible. for more info on my platform check out my insta account: teds4viceprez and my facebook page: Teddy Baker for Vice President
thank u guys! <3

Growing up in South Pasadena, I have learned the importance of our tight knit community. As an active participant in Skills USA, SWAG, and the swim team I have learned to connect with many different people in and around school. If elected, I am confident that the skills I have gained through school and various extracurriculars will help me succeed in performing the Vice President’s duties. Through volunteer tutoring and club swimming, I have learned to communicate efficiently with coaches and teammates. My dedication towards swim has prepared me immensely for the commitment of Vice President and the time and effort put into to serving our class. So please vote Kyra Angkasa for Junior Class Vice President! 

Hi! I'm Paul P. your neighborhood fob (friendly open brother) and I'm running to be your next junior class vice president. Like an ordinary vice president I will stand beside the president, offering support when necessary, whether it's to support or oppose the decisions being made. However not only will I assist our elected president, but I will help encourage your voice to be heard and enforce your brilliant ideas within our school community. I will insist on provoking and gathering your thoughts to benefit our school. (Koreans are well know for convincing customers). Remember this is your school so what you want done, I can make happen. Vote PP to be your VP. 

Hi, My name is Laya and I’m running to be your junior class vice president. As a vice president I will plant the best manners manegment possible to create a net- -teamwork between the president’s and the other class elected officers. I will motivate the officers to do what is necessary to get the job done on the proper time. A Vice President should be organized and plan ahead. Luckily I am good at both. I love organizing which also means that I am very good at. also I am very good at making a plan in advance which is not to end here. Managing and implanting are two others which I see to it to the end. The future ahead meaning that I can organize a plan in which it consists all of the students from the junior year. I will try to make all students involved, heard and use your ideas for a better junior year to remember.

I think the greatest resource I can bring to this office is my ability to listen.  While most politicians talk a good game, I’ve noticed the most effective leaders listen, learn, then lead.  What does this mean for you?  It means you will always be visible to me, and I will make myself visible to you.  This way, you are immediately part of a greater movement for change.  I know what I think is mission critical at SPHS - a cleaner campus, massive changes to our athletic department, and more variety, flexibility, and efficiency in our class schedules.  But my opinion doesn’t really matter.  It's yours that count.  

I refuse to make a bunch of hollow promises about things you may not even care about.  Instead, I’ll guarantee this:  If elected, I will speak with as many of you as I can, as quickly as possible, and write down what you have to say.  Once I have your ideas, I will take aggressive action in service to you for the entire year I am in office, up to the very last day.  I am no stranger to hard work, and would consider it an honor and privilege to fight the uphill battles on behalf of you, the Class of 2019.  

I’m ready.  Are you?  Together, let’s make this happen!