Vice President

Hello! My name is Jio Park and I am running to be the sophomore class vice president for the 2017-2018 school year. Although I have never before been in ASB, I have been very active this year from regularly being a part of FIT (Freshman Interactive Team) as well as helping out here and there with others in ASB (putting up posters, counting money, running errands, etc.). I also attended the CASC leadership camp last summer, so I can use the skills I learned there by incorporating them when working with other members of ASB. I enjoy working with others and brainstorming ideas for events, activities, and fundraisers. I will be prepared for school site council meetings, collecting input from others in my grade in ways we can improve our school community. If I am elected to office for next year, I will work hard to make sure that everyone's ideas are heard, encourage participation, respect, and spirit in our class, and act as a positive role model for my peers. 

As a former ASB officer I have taken up many challenges and initiatives to improve our class. In school, I am always ready to cooperate with any and all events such as as the Ice Breaker Dance, Valentine Grams, Last Chance Dance, Lucky Boy Burrito Sales, Class Bonding and so much more. Time management is something I have improved on tremendously since joining ASB.  Keeping up with tests every other week in school, homework, ASB projects, and a game every week is something I can now do very efficiently now. Being an athlete has also taught me about team working and working with others. In school, I am always searching for activities to participate in. My mentality is to always have fun and to always be active, and this can be brought onto ASB too. I want to make sure that the class of 2020 is always having fun by hosting different events with the other officers. Having experience in ASB I already understand all the processes involved with this group. I learn from my experience and will be twice as great next year! Vote Matthew Iwane for your next class Vice President!